The limits of international friendship

As the news from Afghanistan gets worse, as the steady drip of NATO casualties becomes drowned out by the increasing torrent of Americans as their involvement increases, and as analyses like that of Stanley McChrystal point to an increased involvement being “necessary for success”, we are going to begin to hear whispers of extending the Canadian involvement beyond 2011. Not right now, of course, not with an election writ possible at any moment, but we will. 

Exactly how the Canadian military could pull it off is beyond me – the Forces for all intents and purposes are being broken by the extended engagement and the need for revitalization,  but I’ve little doubt that the call will come.

And which Canadian leader is going to have the fortitude to say:

“Yes, President Obama, losing in Afghanistan would suck hard. This is only one of the many reasons that your nation shouldn’t have fucked away its military and it’s international goodwill on an ill-thought invasion of Iraq. Yes, we understand that it was another administration that did that, but the fact of the matter is that you won the election and offered to clean things up, and Iraq is still the shit taco sitting on your plate. You have to deal with it and with a fractured Afghanistan. (Yeah, the same country you guys broke Russia with. Ironic, what?)

It is an awful situation, and it is our situation as well as yours, but we can do no more. Fixing it will take a hell of a lot of sacrifice, but it’s your sacrifice now, not ours. We’ve done our bit. In a more perfect world, Osama would be gone and the Taliban a memory, but the chance of either of those things happening are diminishing to nought, and it’s the fault of American “yahoo” foreign policy, not Canada’s.

Best of luck, and stop all the stupidity at the border, huh?”

That leader I will vote for.

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