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Stimulus Package? I’ll Say…

In another startling display of rampant incompetence that would be amusing if it wasn’t so disheartening, fishermen looking for details on an aid package which is to provide short-term support for lobstermen were directed to call a particular telephone number – which turned out to be a phone sex line.

Well, let’s just insert the joke about short-term support here, shall we?

lobsterDM0811_468x521Hey, baby – do you like big, firm, glistening, meaty… claws?

It is a fundamental precept of public service to proofread and verify, then do it again, then have someone else do it as well, for any piece of information provided to the public. Either the people responsible for this are understaffed, and therefore rushed, or just don’t care. Given the recent record of the government, I’ll bet on the latter.

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