In case you missed it…

Click here to watch Larry King’s interview with Michael Moore last night. Short version: capitalism has failed. He’s right.

Anyone have any idea when it opens in Canada?  More specifically, in Halifax?

Now for a musical interlude, introducing a theme of sanity:


6 thoughts on “In case you missed it…

  1. I actually caught an advance screening of Capitalism at the Empire Theatres in Bayers Lake. Unfortunately, I have a distinct feeling that they won’t be playing it again. The theater was only half full and Empire is usually weary of screening documentaries at all, or at least from my experience.


  2. I can’t see that Empire Theatres would be wary of showing it – I’m not sure how it played in Halifax, but I know that ‘Fahrenheit/911′ played for about a month at the cineplex in Fredericton – and that’s in the heart of COR territory. In any case, according to Empire Theatres’ website, it’s listed with a release date of Oct 4th.


  3. Does COR still exist? I lived in Fredericton for one federal election and can’t honestly remember if I saw their name on a ballot.

    As of right now, the film is not playing in Halifax and it doesn’t appear anywhere on their “coming soon” websites.


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