Playground arson – I mean, really?

Little fuckers like this should be “shot, hung, and pissed on”, in the lingo of my mis-spent youth.

Seriously, what’s with people that burn down kids playground equipment? Especially in an underprivileged area like Halifax’s north end.

Time for some serious community service for these little bastards.

8 thoughts on “Playground arson – I mean, really?

  1. You want capital punishment for misguided youth: really???

    Yes, it’s disturbing, and yes we should intervene in these kids lives and try to set them straight, best we can. But can we leave the right-wing rhetoric to the, ya know, right-wingers? Please?


  2. Re-reading, I see you call for community service, so sorry for my initial comment: I was reacting to the “shot, hung and pissed on” comment.

    I recently had some interaction with the restorative justice process, dealing with a wayward kid. It was all very positive– the kid and the kid’s parents were pulled in, the cops, and some other people around the incident… and yes, community service was part of it, but by no means all of it. The emphasis was on having the kid grapple with the reasons why they were caught up in the situation, and trying to figure out for themselves how to get out of that world. And, how to make right what was wronged. All very positive. As opposed to simply relying on punishment– the old-school “shot, hung and pissed on” attitude.

    Helping the kid become a responsible adult, is the idea.


  3. I think part of making a youth into a responsible adult is making it clear that actions have consequences, and harmful actions have actual financial and emotional repercussions for others. This particular bit of wisdom seems to have been lost in a generally more self-centred world.


  4. Tim,
    “Shot, hung, and pissed on” was a gerneral term of non-endearment in my youth – no corporal punishment is implied.

    What gets me most about this case was the fact that parents helped fundraise to get the playground built, so it’s something that in a very real sense the community built – not the government. The kids should at least be enlisted to help fundraise for reconstruction.


  5. “The kids should at least be enlisted to help fundraise for reconstruction.”

    If they go through the restorative justice process, they probably will be. If they go straight before a judge, without that process, no way will they be.


  6. Kev: This page should give you a good start on getting more information:


    I’ll note that while it’s wonderful that Tim’s *one* exposure to the restorative justice system worked so well, it’s hardly the universal panacea he’s making it out to be – both the offenders and the victims have to agree to take part in it, and there has to be a system and facilitators already in place. I’ll also add that’s there’s a lot of information we’re not getting in this story – whether the kids have a previous history of trouble being chief among them, that can determine what the best solution should be.


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