Why would anyone vote for Democrats?

When they are just another party of corporate shills? Case in point, the health care “public option”, favoured massively by Democratic voters in recent polling and by the majority of all voters, dies in committee. Jay Rockefeller, Democratic Senator and champion of the public option says it’s not over, but it ain’t looking good.

I tell you what, if it manages to go through, and Rockefeller is the person that rams it through, he should challenge Obama in 2012 on the “I did shit for you” ticket.

Is anyone else as dazzled by the stupidity of what goes for “debate” on healthcare in United States as I am? It’s almost as insipid and uninspiring as our Parliament.



One thought on “Why would anyone vote for Democrats?

  1. Two nations side by side, as stupid as each other, amazing coincidence huh? Michael Moore is pissed, has threatened to campaign against every single Democrat who voted No, in the upcoming primaries.


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