The wait and see approach

I don’t know if I should withdraw my support of the NDP or not. I’m going to wait until the end of October to decide. By that point, we’ll see if the extra $1B of EI money actually gets into the system (i.e. if the EI funding bill gets through the HoC and the Senate and into the ministry coffers). As I’ve stated a zillion times, I don’t trust Harper as far as I can throw him. I suspect he’ll use some procedural method to kill the extra EI fund bill, and he’ll laugh evilly as he does so. If such a thing occurs, Layton will be made to look the fool, and my original tenet (that everyone should’ve voted non-confidence in January, including a certain weak-kneed party with leadership issues, because Harper can’t be trusted to deal honestly) still holds. I will withdraw any and all support to any and all parties, as was my position ~5 years ago, and I will vote based solely on who the strongest local candidate is in the next election. Or spoil my ballot if they are all a bunch of self-serving knobs.

On the other hand, if the EI funds do get allocated, and Layton promptly drops his support of the evil Harperfiend, then I can continue supporting the NDP (albeit a little less happily than, say, one month ago, when it was easier to lump everyone into categories of relative slimeyness).

Which, all else being equal, probably means I’m voting Rhino next time around. Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “The wait and see approach

  1. I’m with you on this one, bro; Layton is playing a dicey game for limited potential benefit. As it stands right now, the NDP are backing the Conservatives “until the EI ammendments are made”. This opens up a little waiting game for Harper to play, stringing the NDP along while these ammendments slowly make it through the system.

    Now with the Tories climbing in the polls, or at least stabilizing, and Ignatieff and the Liberals falling after blowing their wad on their “we’re gonna sink the guvmint sight unseen” gambit, Harper has a really nice situation. He can string the NDP along and watch the Liberals Coderre themselves to irrelevancy and then when he feels the time is right for an election he can piss off Layton and voila – election; and it was some other nasty party that caused it.

    The real problem is that the Liberal situation doesn’t appear to have changed much with Ignatieff at the helm. I am going to argue against the above scenario and say that if (when?) the NDP turn on Harper, the Liberals are going to back the Conservatives unless something really drastic happens. The economy is rebounding and I know that the Liberals don’t want to let the Conservatives stay in power long enough to be able to take credit for it, but unless they improve dramatically in the polls, I don’t see them pulling the lever.

    That is, unless they really feel the untested Ignatieff is going to be the Great Campaigner. If the speeches I’ve seen so far and the “strategic” decisions he’s made are any indication, I don’t think that’s at all likely.


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