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Following up on the marvelous one-take video posted a few days ago, here is an advertisement from Honda made in 2003. Keep in mind as you watch that this is all actually happening – there is no computer-generated imagery, and it was all done in one take (after 606 tries):

I think everyone may as well just stop making commercials now.

(Thanks to Neatorama)


3 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. Absolutely cool! I remember the commercial, but my only question is how they got the three tires to defy gravity and roll up the ramp. If someone can enlighten me on that one I would appreciate it.


  2. That part made me look a couple times. The first tire, the one that rolls across the ground, is bigger, therefore it probably has more momentum. The next two smaller ones have funny motions, like they are weighted and at the start are just balanced (meta-stable) before they are hit by it.

    Simply awesome.


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