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Nice umm, “system” you’ve got there…

A breast-feeding baby in Colorado has been denied health insurance at four months of age because he’s heavy. According to the article, insurance companies deny health insurance on grounds of obesity for any baby above the 95th percentile in weight. Read another way, one in twenty babies are denied health insurance, regardless of their state of health.

Given that obesity in the entire population looks like this:

map24we can confirm that the fear-mongering that goes for “debate” over health care reform is simply lizard-brained ideology trumping facts, common sense, and even self-interest.

No surprise, of course, but confirmation nonetheless.

The comparison with this is rather striking, no?

statemapredbluer512h/t for the link to the original Denver Post article.


3 thoughts on “Nice umm, “system” you’ve got there…

  1. Note:
    This was a breastfed baby….There is no sugar or anything his diet.

    Just genetics and a really healthy babe.
    My own babies would have all been uninsurable in the US.


  2. I bet Dr. Speedie and his speedy decision got a nice bonus in his pay check for making his monthly quota! I believe Michael Moore highlighted this in his movie sicko; the idea of getting bonuses for achieving your quota of denials. I am glad I live in Canada. It’s not perfect but it’s a hell of a lot better than the US system.


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