Canada’s logo: A primer

Dear Gerald Keddy:

This is not Canada’s official logo:

Conservative logo

This is Canada’s official logo:

Canada logo

Any of these are also acceptable:

Banner logos

I hope this helps with any future pork-barrelling. Congrats on buying votes with our tax money.

Cropped image of infrastructure cheque

Here’s a link to the page where one can inquire on Canada’s official logo: http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/pt-te.nsf/eng/00139.html


20 thoughts on “Canada’s logo: A primer

  1. I’ve got cousins who are pork farmers – with that much fat, it’s grade “D” at best.

    I particularly like Keddy’s explanation that he didn’t see the logo or his signature – yeah, I can see where that could happen if you were a complete idiot…


  2. An aside, but not an excuse for Keddy: it’s actually somewhat difficult to find proper logo information on the gc.ca site. And by “proper”, I mean something that can be pulled into AI or CorelDraw, not some fuzzy jpeg. 🙂 I found the Industry Canada link through a refined Google search, after giving up on the official government of Canada link-maze (and their pathetic ‘search’ function).


  3. I know for us, we have a folder marked ‘Logos’ for such occasions. Simple enough if you own or at least represent the organization in question.
    Perhaps he couldn’t see it because Stevie’s balls were in the way.


  4. I never use the “search” feature on government websites, in fact when I was asked how to improve it, I believe my response was, “Why spend money to copy what Google does for free?”. So I apologize for whatever small part my advice played in your frustration. As for the “Logo” folder – I have one, and I suspect that most clerks – whether military or civilian, have something similar – certainly the Queen’s Printer shop that he would have ordered the ‘Cheque – Big Jesus’ from would.


  5. Dan – you aren’t the only one in the gov’t telling them to shelve their “search” tools. It’s interesting that in my position, where I deal with national and international data, I have a *much* easier time finding and using external sources.

    Regarding the cheque, the money is for upgrades to a community rink, so do you think they meant to put the Olympic team logo there and got confused? 🙂


  6. That’s actually the most likely scenario, Kev – in all probability Keddy didn’t play any part in the cheque design – that’s what he’s got secretaries for. He probably didn’t even see the cheque until he showed up for the “grip and grin” – how’s that saying go, “never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity”?


  7. No Dan, I’m quite sure that somebody made a decision to sell the party a cheap and quick photo-op at tax-payers’ expense. Keddy is an old aparatchik bastard and I’m very sure that he was involved. A hand will be slapped, but it will not be his.


  8. I would like to add two questions. One rhetorical and one honest:
    1) Is this money coming from the Conservative coffers and not the government of Canada? (Yes rhetorical)

    2) I would be curious to see, back in the days of the liberals if their fancy cheques had a liberal logo plastered on it? (honest question… I don’t know the answer)

    At the end of the day it is simply election propaganda.


  9. I’d be surprised if the Liberals ever did this, but not shocked. Having said that, working for the federal civil service, and having to deal with press releases and whatnot from time to time, it seems that this particular government is particularly intent on turning *everything* into a photo op.


  10. I’m not sure if the Liberals did this…I’m trying to find pictures of giant novelty cheques from the sponsorship days, but it seems precious few photo ops survived that little episode. From what I’ve seen, though, the Liberal party giant novelty cheques at least attributed the government of Canada. They were thieves of course, but nonetheless much smarter (or at least more media savvy) than our Gerald.


  11. While the Liberals were never reticent about letting people know where the largesse was coming from, they were never this blatant about it. I don’t know, Kev – from my experiences, no politician is free of the ‘photo op’ intention, it’s just that the Harperites are so really, really incompetently obvious about it…


  12. Looking around the right-wing blogs, they keep recycling a National Post article from 2000 that quotes Chretien as saying he saw nothing wrong with using government spending to gain political credit, to which I respond:

    a. I don’t think anyone on this blog has ever held up ‘Ti-Jean’ as a shining beacon of ethical behaviour, there’s a reason we’re not on Liblogs any longer, and there’s a reason the Libs lost the last two elections.

    b. IIRC, the Tories had run on a campaign of ‘We’re better than that’, while improving on their tactics could be construed as living up to the letter of that statement, it hardly meets the spirit of it. Plus, whining ‘Oh, yeah, well they did it too!’ is the sort of thing I’d expect from a 5 year old…


  13. Note the pathetic red maple leaf at the top of all the Federal websites. They didn’t choose George Stanley’s one from the flag — oh no — it’s the same one that the adorned the Conservative Blue Book and CPC propaganda dating back to when they were in opposition. Took them all of a month to do it. Say what you want about the Liberals, I’ve never seen a government with such obsession over controlling image and messaging. Don’t be duped; Stephen doesn’t just look like he’s wearing a latex mask or is CGI generated. It’s true.


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