Good news for Halifax

I’m not sure who deserves credit, but it looks like there will be a shiny new downtown library to replace the aging Spring Garden Road main library. This morning the three levels of government announced a funding agreement for the new $55-million dollar facility. Whoever it is, you all have my thanks, provided this actually gets done. I didn’t see any pictures of the announcement, so I don’t know if the federal government presented a Gerald-Keddy approved big cheque or not, but Peter Mackay and John Baird did attend, as nothing with this government can happen without a campaign-ready photo shoot.

I haven’t been following municipal politics as closely as I should lately and I don’t know if the $23.7-million HRM has to pony up has already been approved or whether this can still be torpedoed by suburban councillors upset that some money isn’t being spent widening city roads so they can get their minivans into the city during rush hour.

Is this going to affect any sight lines from Citadel Hill?


4 thoughts on “Good news for Halifax

  1. I do hope they’ll pay attention to the success story of the Grande Bibliothèque du Québec in Montreal. It’s constantly crammed to the gills; there were huge lineups of people wanting to get library cards for more than a year after it was opened. It’s a fantastic library.

    A big part of that, BTW, has to do with its location – it’s directly connected to our main metro station. What would the analogous location in Halifax be?


  2. The Spring Garden Road area where the library is to be built is just about the best spot it could be. The road is in most ways the core of the city. I just looked up some pictures of the Grande Bibliotheque in Montreal and it’s gorgeous! I don’t think that ours will be so “grand”, but the municipality seems to be thinking bigger than anytime I can remember, and boy, am I glad!


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