The Catholic Church sees growth potential…

In the homophobe and misogynist malcontents trapped in the Anglican Church. Aim high, Mother Church, aim high!


4 thoughts on “The Catholic Church sees growth potential…

  1. I heard this while dressing this AM. It’s not unusual for me, in my hazy state to yell at the radio. I was ALMOST speachless when I heard this. All I can say is congrats Ratzsinger, you just moved a part of the lapsed flock into the firmly against catagory. I think I’ll convert to Anglicism.


  2. As an extremely lapsed Anglican I can’t see this as anything but good for the Anglican church. They lose a pack of narrow minded misanthropes who hate anyone who isn’t like them and the Catholics gain…well, the Anglicans annoying and whiny problem children, really. Also, the pope can call it a corporte reunion if he wants but its still just a bunch of malcontents deciding that they’re going to play in this yard now because the guys in that yard over there won’t do what they want them to do.


  3. So the Catholic Church is setting up a ‘separate yet equal’ class of priests who can have sex, but aren’t going to rise any higher in the hierachy? Yeah, that’s got ‘epic fail’ written all over it….


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