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The Republic for Which it Spams…

Ma Belle Mére, as is her habit, has passed on to me the link to an interesting website, sponsored by the Liberals, which describes the Harper government’s usage of taxpayer funds as vote-buying capital. Not only interesting, but I love the name – kudos to the unidentified staffer who came up with this one. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: The Cheque Republic.

Merci bien, Belle Mére!


7 thoughts on “The Republic for Which it Spams…

  1. I dunno – it’s snark, cute snark, granted – but in the end I wonder if snark is enough. I don’t think Canadians lack for reasons to not vote for the Conservatives, that’s why they’re still hovering below 40% in the polls, but what the Liberals are failing giving Canadians is any concrete reason to believe they’re going to do any better, which is why they’re even lower, IMHO – it’s really hard to argue you’re going to bring honesty and integrity to government, when you have the unspoken message that you’re going to do it by putting Joe Volpe in the Cabinet.


  2. I wouldn’t say it’s the nation living in a two-party state of mind, otherwise 3rd parties such as the NDP, the Greens, and the BQ wouldn’t be polling the numbers they are. I’d say it’s more the *Liberals* living in a two-party state of mind, they automatically assume that if they can turn people from the Conservatives, they’ll have nowhere else to go..


  3. I would be curious to see if the liberals and one or two parties will create an alliance party of their own as the Conservatives had done in the recent past to take control of the government. They way things are going now, we maybe in for decades of Conservative minority government.


  4. I don’t see ‘decades’, Paul – for one thing I suspect that a third minority government result would pretty much finish Stephen Harper’s career, resulting in a power struggle between the centre-right, let’s call them ‘McKay Conservatives’, and the more right-wing hangovers from the Reform Party era, call them ‘Wild-Rosers’.

    As for an alliance, I don’t see it happening for a while, the Liberals are still buying into their ‘Natural Governing Party’ crap, so the thought that they might actually have to cooperate with others is anathema to them. As for my own riding of St. John’s East, I don’t see the Libs winning it for a long, long time.


  5. Paul, remember that the alliance formed between the Reform and PC’s effectively was just the reformation of what was torn asunder in the late eighties when the Reform Party essentially split the PC’s in two. There is no such recent event in the more centrist Liberals. It could be argued that we are seeing that happening on the Left now with the Greens tearing aways largely at the NDP vote, but together they do not have the popular vote to get control of Parliament. Having said that, they are now combining solidly to the mid-twenties in most polls, so who knows what could happen in a few years.


  6. It can be argued that what’s going in with the Liberals can be attributed to a sundering between the Chretien/Martin wings of the party – certainly the recent affair with Coderre and Cauchon is one salvo in an ongoing struggle between the two. What this means I’m not sure, but I that things are going to get a lot darker on the political front before we see any light.


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