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In Bed With the Media

Well, congratulations are in order for obergruppenfuehrer Defense Minister Peter MacKay, who has ensured himself and his party a lifetime exemption from scrutiny by CTV News by becoming engaged to be married to Jana Juginovic, a producer.  Unless, of course, history repeats itself, and she breaks up with him and moves to the CBC.

The future Mrs. MacKay should move into documentaries – they always say that to be a good documentarian, you need to empathize with and experience what others are feeling. At least now she’ll get a first-hand (?) experience of what the Conservatives are doing to the rest of the country.

Comments, dear readers, are invited – send your congratulatory messages through us, we’ll make sure they get passed on to the happy couple.


5 thoughts on “In Bed With the Media

  1. One question: Will the Puffster be the best man? He was married to the Conservative Party for his entire “journalistic” career.

    Gotta love having a free press.


  2. Look to see many “exclusive” interviews of Conservatives by CTV. I wonder how many “leaked” documents from “unnammed sources” are going to appear on your CTV news shows?


  3. So MacKay has finally decided to make this lady an honest woman. For a while I thought Petie was following the old adage — why buy a cow when you can get your milk for nothing.


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