We all know that (c)onservative politicians oppose facts…

…and now Sarah Palin admits that the facts are her opposition. I presume that by association facts are also the opposition of the entire Republican Party. Awesome!

Fact check your book for lies?  You betcha!


12 thoughts on “We all know that (c)onservative politicians oppose facts…

  1. Found this yesterday:
    “Now we are faced with the daunting task of wrapping our minds around the Palin memoir Going Rogue, appearing atop a bestseller list near you. Millions of copies will be sold of a book written by someone who can’t write, intended for an audience that doesn’t read, about the thoughts of a person who doesn’t think. God is dead.”
    My fave…so far.


  2. You’d probably like what he has to say here, as well:


    I think he does have some good points to make, although I’d disagree with his characterization of Sarah Palin as a “WWE President” – behind the fakery and posing of professional wrestling, there’s a tiny core of actual athleticism. If I had to come up with a media comparison for Palin, I think I’d have to go with what was arguably Peter Seller’s best performance in the movie ‘Being There’ – Sarah truly is Chance the Gardener…


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