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The (R)Evolution Will Not Be Televised…

150 years ago today, Charles Darwin published one of the truly seminal and historic works in the history of mankind: On the Origin of Species by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life.

A mouthful to be sure, but, despite opposition from dogmatic demagogues, the work has served as the basis for our understanding of the development of all life on Earth, humanity included.

Who da man? You da man.

I wanted to take the opportunity to remind folk of the anniversary, and to re-post the link to all of Darwin’s work online.  Despite the pathetic attempts by a has-been celebrity to distribute edited versions of the book, it is an uncomfortable truth that these delusional religious fanatics need to accept: Evolution is a fact. Let’s hope that adherence to religious dogma has ceased to be a ‘positive attribute’ for survival purposes, and that we can successfully breed it out of the human species. Let’s lose the superfluous hallucinations and find our true humanity – 150 years after it was first described to us.

Better late than never.

Note: Apologies to Briguy for borrowing the brackets.:)

7 thoughts on “The (R)Evolution Will Not Be Televised…

  1. Kirk Cameron is such an idiot. If I was going to head out on a much-publicized critical campaign as he has, I’d make sure I had a firmer grasp of the facts than he does. Of course, facts aren’t the Creationists’ friend.

    Too bad the sound quality in the video is so poor.


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  4. Kieth, I could be wrong, as I’m only a lowly contributer but I don’t think that we ever set up an RSS feed. The site’s been around for a few years and predates RSS so I think it’s just a detail that we’ve overlooked. Admittedly we haven’t been putting as much effort into it of late. Hopefuly some blatant political evil will pop up to get the engines running.
    Now that I think of it, how sad is it that four years of Harper has got us so blase` about conservative douchebaggery that we now need special examples to get a reaction?


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