Peninsular Panic!!!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for residents of the Halifax Peninsula to panic and scramble and hope to find a parking spot. Time for the HPD and Ace Towing to begin nightly scouring of the north end neighbourhoods preying on the unawares and the unable. Time for Halifax’s traffic authority to issue the decree that people living in high-density urban neighbourhoods shouldn’t own cars, while other departments rubber-stamp the development of big-box commercial parks that are effectively inaccessible by transit, and oversee the slow death of local, accessable shopping. This is Halifax, 2009, still with a complete lack of interest on the part of staffers to keep people living in or near downtown.

Time for a confession: I moved off of the peninsula this summer. I couldn’t handle the stress of winterban. Even when I didn’t own a car, having visitors over caused me much stress during the painful winter months. Last year, when I did own a car, I almost went crazy. It took about two weeks for me to find a permanent spot for my car, finally discovering that the parking lot across from the North End Library was available after communicating with my councillor, Dawn Sloane. Prior to that, I made up flyers and distributed them to many, many nearby residences, begging everyone and anyone for off-street parking (offering to pay a monthly fee on top of my highly-rated shovelling services). Nothing was available. I considered just leaving the car with a relative in Cole Harbour, which is only about 20 minutes away by bus. I do thank Dawn for alerting me to the North End library lot. I hope that lot is still available for the people in my old neighbourhood! My new place is close to the Woodside ferry, luckily, so no daily drive is needed to get to work.

So here’s my message for Ken Reashor and the Halifax Traffic Authority: You’ve won. You finally browbeat me into moving off the peninsula, after many happy summers/springs/falls as a peninsular resident, and many stressful, anxious winters. I’m sure you’ve done the same to many other former residents. Congratulations, asshole. Thanks for the memories.

Update: According to The Metro, HRM made a cool $10K last night on tickets. I wonder how many of those came from the North End?


4 thoughts on “Peninsular Panic!!!

  1. Think of it as more like the creation of a one hundred potential parking fines which in turn creates lots and lots of lovely revenue. After all, high speed ferries to Bedford don’t build themselves.


  2. Tim – I’d estimate that there were only 25 cars using that lot last year, but there was certainly room for more.

    I’d add that a side-effect of having no decent parking laws is actually an increased use of the car. Normally I’ll go for 3-4 days without driving (even in my new shopping isolation in Dartmouth), but last winter I was moving the car almost every day.

    Good to hear that the city is actually creating more affordable housing spots, BTW.


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