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The last “ism”

is the one against atheism. Fox News “reports” that a city alderman in North Carolina is being attacked for being an atheist in a state in which it is actually still mandated that a person believe in “God” (definition not provided) to hold elected office. According to Fox, there is still a statute in the state constitution that

disqualifies officeholders “who shall deny the being of Almighty God.”

Obviously an attempt to invoke such a statute would immediately meet with, and eventually lose an appeal at the Supreme Court level, but it would incite hard feelings on both sides of what I will call the Idiot Divide for lack of more empathic language in my vocabulary for such bullshit.

If one sees in this the kind of small-town Terri Shiavo-like issue to rally the troops I would not be the one to call you cynical.


5 thoughts on “The last “ism”

  1. Jon Stewart pointed out last night that Houston’s election of a gay mayor and a freaky snowfall occurred in the same week. Coincidence, or something “freezeing over”?


  2. Getting back to the OP topic, what’s really depressing is the fact that the lead guy objecting to the councilman is a former president of the NAACP – so in other words, someone who should very well fucking know better has no problem being bigoted towards atheists.


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