Right under our very noses…

CNN is shocked, shocked I tell you, about the discovery of an Islamic “brainwashing center” in Pakistan. In it, images painted on the walls depicting images of beauty and serenity allegedly are used to convince children of the veracity of their view of the “afterlife”, thereby making it easier to convince them to hide explosives under their nutsacks in preparation for their 72 virgins.

Keep posted to these pages, in which I will blow the lid off of hundreds of similar  centres here in my fair city of Halifax, in which “pastors”, “priests”, and “rabbis” try to convince children weekly of the existence of an afterlife, of angels, of the power of prayer; all in the effort to extract cash from their pockets for the rest of their lives.


6 thoughts on “Right under our very noses…

  1. Geez, thanks for bringing that up. Now I have to curl up in a ball and wait for the Stations of the Cross to go away.
    These flashbacks are not fun like the other ones.


  2. Really, GR? Care to elaborate? What is it that makes me retarded in your opinion? That I don’t buy into the sky god fairytale of my ancestors? That I don’t need the warmth of a fable of life after death to keep me from crying myself to sleep every night? That I don’t need to receive my moral marching orders from a two thousand year old book of desert folk tales?

    If you wish to elaborate, the floor is yours, however I don’t think you will.


  3. Ah, a measured and intelligent response to something you disagree with – truly the hallmark of the fanatic. If the idea of the post is what you have a problem with, criticize that – otherwise, I can assure you your characterization couldn’t be further from the mark.

    So, GR (Nice alias, by the way), do you have anything else to share, or do you prefer to leave us with those immortal words to remember you by? I’m quite sure we’d all love to hear it. As Kevvy says, the floor is yours.


  4. GR, kevvy and Flash are constrained by a desire to see this forum as a place of reasonably polite discourse. I don’t suffer under that constraint. I’ll respond to you in kind. Assuming that you’re checking this, You would have to aspire to be rated an idiot and, I assume, you’re a mindless god-botherer and I would cheerfully punch you in the head, because arguing with your type is like plowing the sea so I may as well shoot straight to the physical option.
    Unless of course you’re troubled by the slur on CNN’s reputation that has been made here. In which case I can find no other reaction than disdain. Now go the fuck away and leave the adults alone shit for brains. You can come back when you can use reasoned arguments. Until then expect my replies to your posts to get progressivly nastier.


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