Not satisfied (or sufficiently chastised) with blaming abortion in New Orleans for Katrina and moral decay for 9/11, Pat Robertson blames Haitians “deal with the devil” (literally) for this week’s earthquake.

Another strike against religion – asshats like this maintain a constituency of sheep by claiming to speak for, or interpret the tea leaves of, God/god/Thor/Allah/some other fiction.

Pat – the causes for the above disasters are, in order, weather and unwise city construction, homicidal politics and religion, and finally, plate tectonics, not God.  Other factors certainly played into each disaster and can be discussed, however the relationship between moral behaviour and plate tectonics is not a topic for grown ups, regardless of the religious affiliation.


3 thoughts on “Classy…

  1. Well, the reason for Haiti’s poverty from the time of the rebellion onwards is probably because France demanded a 150 million franc payment as “reparation” to displaced plantation owners in 1825 (a full 21 years after the rebellion and the de facto end of French slaver’s rule in the country). Of course, this demand was made at the end of a musket, and much of the reparation money actually went to French slave owners who resettled in Louisiana. Despite this bribery demand, France didn’t recognize Haiti as a free country until 1834. The US, probably because of the influence of Louisianan slave owners (I’m guessing), didn’t recognize Haiti until 1862.

    There’s a really good (and brief) summary of Haiti’s continual foreign debt problem here. Since 1915, the US has held the premiere role in beating the continued debt payments out of Haiti, in some cases still directing the money to wealthy ancestors of Haiti’s original slave owners.

    Something’s backwards about all that. If we really want to help Haiti in the long term, the first step after tending to the needs of the earthquake victims is to cancel Haiti’s foreign debt. The second step is to resist the Western urge to support military coup leaders over their elected officials, even if those elected officials don’t want to play with the IMF and the World Bank.

    But Pat Roberson’s message is simple. They made a deal with the devil to escape slavery. They didn’t win a five year rebellion against French colonial slavers, encouraging emancipation movements and slave rebellions across the rest of the Americas. They made a deal with the devil. Brilliantly succint, with a racist tinge, too!


  2. You’re beginning to sound like Bono with all that “forgive the third world debt” commie talk. It’s the only sensible thing to do, but still…


    Thanks for the link, by the way. Good read.


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