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Devil’s Advocate

As a follow-up from Kevvy’s post on the absolutely breathtaking inhumanity of Pat Robertson, particularly in regard to the Haitian disaster, I give you video evidence of the greatest single exhibition of assholatry in human history:

I take some small measure of enjoyment from the look on his confederate’s face – watch again and see how she’s barely suppressing her disgust.

So, sowing discord, taking joy from the misfortunes of others, preaching prejudice and hatred… Who’s the agent of ‘satan’, Pat?

Actually, I take that back – if I’m going to invoke the concept of religion to criticize this putative pinnacle of piety, I have a better idea of who the linkage should be with.


7 thoughts on “Devil’s Advocate

  1. I don’t actually see that she’s barely suppressing disgust at all. To me it looks sadly like she’s just taking it all in from the master. That’s more frightening.


  2. Yeah – he’s rapidly become one of my favourite people to read, I was actually thinking of suggesting to Kevvyd that he might make a good addition to our Sidebar. Getting back to the OP, I don’t know if the Trickster archetype really fits, Flash – the Trickster Gods such as Coyote, Hermes and Bugs Bunny tend to be more mischevious than truly evil. After googling the terms ‘Pat Robertson and Charles Taylor’ and ‘Pat Robertson and Zaire’, I actually think that Satan is a better descriptor – only because there’s no archetype listing of ‘malignant fuck’.
    On the lighter side, however, let me close with this link:


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