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Beaver Trimmed

Even the New York Times has taken notice that the Canadian history magazine, The Beaver, has been forced by changing times to change its name to the less snicker-worthy Canada’s History.  The article notes that, although the source of much schoolyard humor for decades, it is the advent of the Internet – and the inability of students to search websites with ‘Beaver’ in the title, which is not entirely unreasonable – which has necessitated the change.

They chose not to use my suggested title, “Big Titty Milfs”

Although this is the kind of story that kind of makes you chuckle a bit, it makes you wonder what magazine titles will be re-examined, or outright forbidden, by the dreaded double entendre:

  • Bald Pussy Monthly, the magazine for owners of those freaky looking hairless cats;
  • Tits & Ass, a combined publication for lovers of specific types of birds and of donkeys;
  • Student Nurses in Latex, a specialty magazine for Nursing students, reminding them about proper sterilization techniques;
  • Naughty Catholic Schoolgirls Annual, the magazine dealing with the psychology of young women, approximately 17 to 25, who attend Catholic schools and who have encountered trouble with the law;
  • Large, Floppy Breasts on Really Slutty Women

Ok, maybe that’s not the best example…