Haitian earthquake, Self-righteous asshole

Sack of douche…

Nothing more need be said about this letter.


6 thoughts on “Sack of douche…

  1. I’ll echo Flash’s comments in previous posts about not caring what an athelete has to say. Although, considering that he got dumped by both Phoenix and Minnesota to wind up playing in Spain, I’d like to add the corollary that I really, really couldn’t care less what an *incompetent* basketball player has to say about anything. It does help explain why he got cut, though – it must be hard to play basketball with your head that far up your ass…


  2. Now now, there’s no reason logically to assume a link between his complete lack of basketball skills and his complete lack of reasoning skills, or his complete lack of compassion. These three clearly identified character traits of Paul Shirley could very well be unlinked to one another.


  3. They could be, but I’m not sure that they are – looking at his wikipedia entry, and some of his other work, there seems to be a common thread – whatever happens to him, it’s never because Paul Shirley might be at fault, it’s always due to somebody else. If you can’t admit to making mistakes, there’s no possibility that you can ever learn from them, and there’s zero possibility that you can ever improve – either as a human being, or as a player.

    Myself, I’m in agreement with Ta-Nehisi Coate’s take on it:


    Although I will admit that Shirley does seem to have one outstanding talent – that of being too much of an asshole to write for ESPN:



  4. I never heard of Paul Shirley until this morning’s news story broke on ABC. Now I know I haven’t missed anything. But he should be thankful that Haitians and Africans were created by his god. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have anyone to LOOK DOWN on.


  5. Wow, it’s always nice when the priveleged feel they can decide how the rest of the world should live. I’m starting a collection to buy Paul Shirley a t-shirt with an appropriate slogan on it:


    what an absolute asshole.


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