On copyright infringement

I’m sending the following question to the CBC via their comments page:


I frequently contribute stories of interest to a close friend’s blog. Occasionally, I snip a quote from one or more news sources, including the CBC, and provide a link to the original source (and accreditation if available). Sometimes I have something less than flattering to say about the article’s content, as I may disagree with the author’s point of view on the subject. Does your new copyright infringement policy make such blog posts technically illegal? Is it the snippet quoting that CBC objects to, or the occasionally disagreement over the content? I’d hate to get the blog owner in financial or legal trouble over a snippet, thinking that “fair use” applied. I’d especially hate it if it happened because I voiced disagreement with a CBC columnist or management. Perhaps I should ensure that any and all links to CBC articles are eliminated from my blog posts to avoid any issues. I’m sorry for any internet traffic my humble posts may have inadvertently sent to the CBC in the past.

Thank you for your quick response,