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Supervillainy – Only $1.4 Million Away

Giant Golf Ball Included

For only one low payment of $1.4 million, you can own a former NATO satellite station. This comes complete with “…backup power, a sterile work environment, top-notch security features, an exterior workshop and living quarters that include a kitchen, deck and four sleeping areas.”

This is a great buy because, as we all know, the most defining feature of a supervillain, besides his choice of matching costumes for his henchmen, is his lair – it is absolutely crucial in order to gain the respect you deserve, not to mention facilitating world domination. All you’d need is a bit of paint to make the satellite dish cover in the photo look like a skull, and Bob’s your uncle.

Property listing is here. I, for one, am going to start saving my pennies.  Excuse me while I go work on my hideously eeeevil laugh.



6 thoughts on “Supervillainy – Only $1.4 Million Away

  1. It’s so close to home and I have useful personal experience with things of this nature. Please tell me you’re hiring. Bearing in mind of course the sudden and inevitable betrayal when I make my move for ultimate power. Because really, if you’re setting up as a supervillain, such things come with the job. Hiring me would fill the requirement nicely.


  2. It’s right outta Spaceballs!

    Finally my supervillain moniker, “The Kilted Douchenozzle”, can live up to it’s full potential. Only two steps needed: 1) buy that facility, 2) broadcast Foxnews north. mu-ha-ha


  3. One thing that was missing from the description of the property that would be a deal-breaker for me: are the air ducts big enough to crawl through? If so, I’m not interested – you’re just asking for trouble.

    Doug, the problem is that the villain always has to execute his right hand man for that very reason, as well as to serve as an example to the other minions. I’d hate to have to do that.

    Briguy – Foxnews north? That’s just sick, dude. 🙂


  4. Actually Dan, in regards to point # 14 of Skippy’s list, when Stephan Harper visited my ship it should be noted that I was hidden in the ship’s laundry compartment after commenting to the XO that as a born and bred Maritimer, I would vote for a sack of dead pedophiles before I’d vote for a Conservative. As a result, I didn’t get to meet our Prime Minister when he came on board. Likely I set my chance of promotion back a few years as well but I stand by my convictions. Liking your rank can be remarkably liberating, even if it does disturb your supervisors.


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