Bernier’s new home?

Giant Iceberg breaks off Antarctic Ice Shelf (Guardian story).

The iceberg, measuring about 50 miles by 25, broke away from the Mertz glacier around 2,000 miles south of Australia after being rammed by another giant iceberg known as B-9B three weeks ago, satellite images reveal. The two icebergs, which both weigh more than 700m tons, are now drifting close together about 100 miles north of Antarctica.

I’m sure this is just an isolated event, though. (It’s not) No global climate change to see here, people. (unless you actually inform yourself with the data on global sea level rise, or global glacial retreat) Seeing as how global climate change is a hoax, I respectfully suggest to Maxime Bernier that he take up temporary residence on this newly calved giant berg. He can return to Ottawa when it melts, and let us know how that whole “hoax” angle worked out for him and the Conservative base.

Trust me, it's a big'un.


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