Ok, Ok, Settle Down Now… FOCUS, People…

Lest we, in our post-Olympic euphoria, forget…

When we last left our MPs, wandering aimlessly through the wilds of Ottawa, Stephen Harper had prorogued Parliament in an attempt to avoid embarrassing questions about mistreated Afghan detainees, thereby committing contempt of Parliament – a serious crime. An upcoming Liberal MP’s motion is designed to drag this issue kicking and screaming back into the light of day.

Our house, not Harper’s playground.

Remember, way back when, before we kicked ass and broke records (better than the opposite, I admit) at the Winter Games? The blatant disregard for Parliament and the Canadian people displayed by the arrogant figurehead for the fundamentalist right? Is this ringing any bells?

I think it’s safe to say that Harper prorogued Parliament specifically to avoid everyone remembering these events – he can take credit for the equally arrogant “Own the Podium”, while distracting people with the sound of jingling gold medals, like a baby distracted by a set of keys.

My point? DO NOT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT. Resume (or begin) showing the proper level of intellectual curiosity that each of us as citizens are bound to do – it is the compact we make with our country when we vote, or when we benefit from the social safety net established for our welfare. We cannot, and should not, coast through life with any sense that we have no duty to our fellow citizens or our country, that we need not get involved in the democratic process. The basis of a truly advanced civil society is a mutual concern for your fellow citizens. If not for some abstract idea like ‘Canada’, can you participate, stay informed and vote responsibly for the sake of others who have done the same for you as a fellow citizen?

Constant talk of ‘rights’ has obscured or lessened the importance of ‘duty’. This is what Harper is counting on. Let’s call him on it.


3 thoughts on “Ok, Ok, Settle Down Now… FOCUS, People…

  1. There’s two problems, Flash:

    1. I am easily distracted by shiny things,

    2. I’m so tired of pointing out the odium in this administration. It feels like I’m yelling into the wind, at times. Look at that past week, for example: An anti-muslim racist named as permanent president of Rights and Democracy. Kenney called out by his own staff for eliminating all references to homosexuals in official Canadian human rights documents. A 90 minute throne speech largely lifted (once again) from John Howard that says absolutely nothing new or groundbreaking. I’m surprised Her Majesty didn’t read Dear Leader’s speech in an Aussie accent, just as a hat-tip to the original authors.

    I could go on, but now I’m tired again.


  2. Kevvy:

    Bigtime LOLs. Love it.

    Briguy: I find it interesting how our beloved GG looks full-sized on TV, yet she fits so well into Harper’s pocket when needed. Must be special effects of some kind. Or “Familiar Pocket”.


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