Shorter Mike Duffy:

Teaching kids critical thinking makes them doubt our Conservative lies. No fair!

Harper's worse mistake?

5 thoughts on “Shorter Mike Duffy:

  1. Well, in all fairness, a lack of critical thinking about Conservative Party policy hasn’t really hurt Duffy. Quite the opposite in fact. If anything proves that towing the party line can work for you it’s Duffy’s current spot at the trough. I’m just surprised that he feels the need to do or say anything at all now that he’s a senator. The Harpenfuhrer must have demanded some payback.


  2. This appointment has been one of Der Harpenfuhrer’s biggest mistakes. I almost think that he appointed Duffy to the Senate just to speed the process of the Senate’s destruction. If so, then I retract the statement about it being a mistake.


  3. As if he were in any sense of the words ‘fair’ or ‘balanced’ in his reporting… He got this appointment for a reason.
    I’m getting a little annoyed that the mantra seems to be that the Afghan detainee abuses happened on the Liberals’ watch. Are we to assume it stopped as soon as the Cons came to power? If there were indeed warnings, the warnings were ignored by the Government of Canada, under both regimes – the political stripe is irrelevant.


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