On the subject of dumb Republicans…

How can you tell Tea Party activists are idiots? When they say stuff like this:

If you quit giving people that stuff, they would figure out how to do it on their own

while on Social Security.

I understand that economic distress can result in frustration, but a moment’s thought should show that urging smaller government and less government intervention in the economy produces immediate and long term problems for the middle and lower classes. In other words, these people are shooting themselves in the feet.

Hopefully the “eastern establishment elites” will be able to save these people from themselves while trying to hold their own economy together. Gawd knows, these people need babysitters.


18 thoughts on “On the subject of dumb Republicans…

  1. Welcome back, kevvyd, we’d missed you.

    Well, it’s no dumber than calling for a ‘holy war’ against Health Care Reform while living on Government Disability. Actually, Frank Rich has a really good column on the Tea Baggers and makes a good point, these people don’t see any problem with THEM collecting Government Money, ‘because it’s THEIR Government – namely, a Government ‘of the White People, for the White People’. The problem with the Health Care Reform Bill is that it gives money to the Brown People, and that’s just wrong….


  2. It’s scary just how detached these teabaggers are from any semblance of a rational reality – the only thing they have to grab onto, because it’s the only thing they understand, is that ‘them people don’t look like us.’
    Quite a while back, I predicted a violent outcome to this idiocy, up to and including an assassination attempt, and I’m not changing my mind about it now…


  3. To be fair, Flash, it’s not like the Left doesn’t have its own share of nutters – although in our defence I’ll point out that there’s a lot less acceptance of their views by the Mainstream. Nor is detachment from reality an exclusive province of the Right (although I may be jaundiced on this, having just completed a survey where I interviewed hundreds of 1st-year University Students – my personal favourite being the one who planned to study Egyptology, but wasn’t planning on leaving Newfoundland to find work)


  4. To be fairer, Dan, the teabaggers appear to number in the millions. While that is still a fringe in American politics, can you round up a million leftwing nutters that are getting so much publicity?
    I can hardly wait to see the northern version when Harper loses to whomever. You think the Blogging Tories are nuts now…just wait.
    On a gloomier note, Kunstler: “Am I the only one who senses it might be America’s turn to go nuts?”



  5. So because there’s more of them, that excuses the excesses on our side, Chris? I’m sure the next medical researcher that gets his kids threatened will be happy to hear that. Furthermore, you got a cite for that millions and millions of teabaggers bit? The best I can find gives a count of 250,000 or so – at least if we define Teabaggers as those who show up for rallies. Granted, that’s still a lot, but it’s a far cry from ‘millions’ – if I wanted hyper-partisan screeching hyperbole, I can get that from Glenn Beck.


  6. Flash, I used Beck because insofar as I know he’s the only one making the “millions of Tea partiers” claim, if Chris can give a credible source for his numbers, then I’ll be perfectly happy to withdraw my statement.


  7. On sober reflection the statement ‘hyper-partisan screeching hyperbole’ was over the top and I apologize for it. On the gripping hand, however, I still stand by my statement that Chris is giving inflated numbers for the teabaggers, and I don’t really see what purpose that serves. As for left-wing nutters, do the PUMAs count? – Martha Coakley was chosen as the Democratic Candidate for the MA Senatorial Election partly to placate those who felt it ‘was time a female Democrat took centre stage’ – and that bit of idiocy worked out so well, didn’t it?


  8. 1) I make the assumption of millions based on the fact that a protest turnout of 250,000 represents the tip of the iceberg. An iceberg that is supported and approved of by elected politicians and the MSM.
    2)I do not for a moment condone the actions of the violent animal rights people. Nor, apparently, do any elected politicians or members of the MSM.

    I do not think that there is any comparison between a large, high profile, anti-everything movement and a very small group of single-issue nuts. Forgive my clumsy attempt to point that out.


  9. 1) so, in other words, no real evidence of ‘millions’ – just your assumption.

    2) I used the animal-rights people as a single example, Chris, there *are* more, the aforementioned PUMAs, the anti-vaccine movement (and that one *does* have more than a small amount of MSM/elected pols acceptance, heck, the fact that there were over 7 million copies of ‘The Secret’ sold in the U.S. alone would indicate there’s an awful lot of people on the Left whose judgement is not exactly trustworthy – but that’s just making an assumption.

    3) I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.


  10. (commence stoke)
    Why is it that we always have to be “right”? Dan, Chris simply pointed out that the Teabag movement is large – “millions” might be off by a few, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not an order of magnitude wrong. (Personally I think it’s a reasonable number to use.) Chris did not deny that there was a left-wing loony fringe that can be dangerous, just that the right-wing one appears bigger, and therefore more important politically. I think that this is a fair statement of the facts.

    Jumping down his throat over this estimate seems silly since you both are probably on the same side in this faux-argument.

    While we’re making lists:

    1) I believe it was a right-wing nut-job that murdered a high-profile abortion doctor last year or the year before. I don’t recall the last high-profile left-wing extremist murder in the US.

    2) Whatever the shrill extremes at either end of the political spectrum in teh US, right-wing asshats are the ones showing up armed to rallies (This time!) and are joining “patriot” militias to fight the man (Especially now that The Man is a Brother!).

    3) On the left there are a few groups that indeed appear to be dangerous (some of the eco-groups particularly), but you have to admit Dan, that the preponderance of the threatening extremism is right-wing.

    4) The Dems, a centrist party if anything, is at the very least not openly stoking the violence of either extreme like the Republicans are. The fact that the Necropublicans are politically leaderless and lost for now has them actively cultivating the extremists, which reinforces the complete whackos that are at the armed edges of the extreme. While the Republicans aren’t openly backing violence, through the use of apocalyptic phrasings and appeals to base fear, they are doing everything but. The result is a direct ratcheting up of the emotionality of every political action on one side of the political debate (dominantly).

    5) Pointing out that a gabillion people bought “The Secret” simply points out that they are useleff fucktards – I don’t think it indicates any potential for violence or in fact any effective behaviour beyond simple autonomic functionality.
    (end stoke)


  11. Here you go, Kev – not quite a murder, granted, but a good attempt at one.

    As for Chris’s assertation that the extreme animal-rights groups don’t get MSM support – This would seem to indicate otherwise.

    I don’t think I’ve ever denied that the Right’s nutters outnumber the Left’s – maybe you’d like to point out where exactly I said that – if you’re going to jump down my throat, and Chris is going to insinuate I wasn’t ‘fair’, I’d like it to be for my own word, and not ones you two have decided to make up for me.


  12. Since when exactly did fucktards that don’t “believe” in vaccination become left-wing? I know that Bill Maher is one of them, but I don’t believe it actually lines up with anyone’s political stripe, does it?


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