Forgive me Father, for I have sinned…

As a former Roman Catholic, I watch the current detonations of the sexual abuse scandals around the world with a good deal of interest as well as a sort of perverse entertainment. How low can the Mother Church get? Well, how about bishops in Connecticut openly fighting the legislative removal of the statute of limitations on child abuse crimes? Can there be a better demonstration of institutional hypocrisy than this from a church that demands formal confession of sins?

Is this producing more atheists yet, or are people just going to non-raping churches?


5 thoughts on “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned…

  1. I wonder what mission of the Catholic church that this law change will undermine. I certainly hope that sexual child abuse is one of those missions. It is not part of the Catholic Church I go to! It goes to show that there are idiots everywhere.
    However, on the point of very old cases where many of the members are deceased including the victim and abuser, I am sure there will be bottom feeding “trial lawyers” who will try profit from this.
    The Church needs to definitely wake up and smell the sacrificial wine.


  2. I heard someone on the weekend draw the comparison between the RC church and a daycare. If a daycare found out that one of its employees had been abusing children, we would expect nothing less than a full report to the police and immediate firing. If that daycare instead just quietly shuffled the accused employee off to another daycare centre, we would not stop until heads rolled. Why the fuck is the Vatican any different?


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