Trevor Zinck: Philanthropist, Thinker, Scapegoat

Evidently Trevor Zinck  has discovered a unique method for helping solve the poverty problem in Nova Scotia. In a phone interview this morning, he indicated that he was kicked out of the provincial NDP caucus because he, as well as a dozen or so other backbenchers are unhappy that as the government the NDP are not doing enough about poverty. What actions he expects the party to take out on the remaining “concerned dozen” he leaves unsaid.  As for poverty, well it’s all quite clear now what exactly happened with Trevor Zinck and Scott Marshall’s credit card – he was gambling with it and intended to hand over all of the winnings to Mr. Marshall, for surely he would win.

When you think about it, it’s a brilliant scheme – promote gambling among the poorest in the province and use the winnings to elevate them from poverty. The only way you could possibly improve such a brilliant scheme is if you use local government-controlled casinos, gambling machines and lotteries. Oh wait…


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