Another media suggestion:

When attending press conferences given by or interviewing known liars, such as Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, perhaps your first question should be:

“Given your track record for misleading the public, why should we believe you now?”


Access to information

This is a suggestion to those in the media who’ve poo-pooed the complaints of the 1000+ protesters and curious bystanders who had their Charter Rights to peaceful assembly chllingly revoked by uniformed goons with the blessing of an overly authoritarian government:

Demand the tapes. There are CCTV cameras in many of the areas where people were protesting. Watch them. See what activities led to their arrests and detention. Submit access to information requests to the Ontario Government and to the city of Toronto. Also ask for tapes recorded in the detention centre to see what sort of actions took place there. Because the stories are horrifying, and if you are true journalists (which I doubt), you should want to investigate the allegations from both sides as thoroughly as possible. Here are some people you should contact and interview:

Tommy Taylor
Jesse Rosenfeld
Nick Marian

Or just walk down the streets in Toronto and ask random people if they were caged for 24 hours without charge. You’ll probably find someone who answers “yes” within an hour. I don’t want to do all your work for you.

Also: try to find this man, who was caught on tape smashing abandoned police cars in downtown Toronto during the non-peaceful riots the day before the mass arrests. You can probably find him in some police district in this fine country, given his criminal demeanor…
Black bloc member...

Edited to add: I quite like the description “Arrest orgy”.