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If You Build It, They Will Come

Real life and some small amount of trouble wrapping my head around mind-boggling brick-stupid has caused me to be a little late with this post but I have a question that needs answering. Where exactly is Stockwell Day going to get the occupants for his new prisons if said prisons are needed to imprison the perpetrators of  “unreported crime”? Crimes which, by their very definition, produce remarkably few convicts. The crimes are unreported. That means that they either haven’t been discovered yet but once they are we can use the prisons that we already have or, and I think that this is more generally the case, we the people just don’t care about the “crime” in question. I don’t see any point to jailing some frosh for a year because he got a good deal on an ounce of weed, or made whatever lifestyle choice gets up the Conservative’s collective ass this week.  And when the hell did the Conservative Party start believing in the value of statistics again? Last month they were all about saving us from that tyranny? Stephen, Stephen, why hast thou forsaken us? Oh yeah, to pander to your base. How’s using one thing that they hate to justify (loosely) doing something they like working out?

This whole thing is making my head bones hurt so I’ll close with one more question. Now that the goal of the conservatives seems to be losing power by making  Iggy look like a good choice again, could they please stop governing based on what makes a small band of tar sands shitkickers happy?


One thought on “If You Build It, They Will Come

  1. This is also about jealousy. Spiteful Stevie is jealous that the US consistently wins the prize for having the highest percentage of the population in jail worldwide. Based on the 2007 incarceration rates (source: World Factbook), the USA has seven times the incarceration rate as Canada. That’s a pathetic showing on our part. He’s aiming to pwn the odium here, too.

    I’m sensing a pattern. $9 billion on a sole source contract for fighters that we don’t need (we need long range search and rescue, not short range interceptors). $1.1 billion on a security boondoggle in Toronto (Sheila Fraser: please, please, please audit this). Many billions on new prisons, for unreported crimes (will the arrests be made by the thought police?). Clement hinting that government shouldn’t be in the business of data collection…presumably some multinational out there will collect this information at 3x the cost to taxpayers when the long form results turn out to be statistically unreliable. (“they’ve got a good deal going here” – in reference to the cost-savings represented by the government collecting all that long form data).

    This summer has all been about the Tory need to privatize everything, making it all more expensive to taxpayers. They have one ideology: government doesn’t work, unless it’s got a uniform and a gun. They are working to privatize all of the aspects of government that don’t handle firearms. To be fair, that has been their agenda from day one.

    Also: A competent minister would probably point to double and triple bunking and general population growth as evidence that we need a few more modern facilities. Not as many as they want to build, mind you, but a few more. Luckily for us, this announcement was made by Stockwell Day. Presumably, he was being advised by a Brontosaurus.


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