I propose a snark picnic!

What is a snark picnic, you ask? It is an event where we pack a lunch and take the tour boat out to McNab’s Island. For those who haven’t been, McNab’s is a large island in Halifax Harbour that hosts an old fort and a few old houses. There are also swaths of land where nature is reclaiming what Hurricane Juan knocked over (which I haven’t seen but would like to wander through). It makes for an interesting day trip. Why would I call a trip there a snark picnic, then? Because I really want to go there to verify this:

Canada’s loneliest Economic Action Plan sign.


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Interesting news from the propaganda front:

Kory Teneycke resigns from Quebecor

Kory Teneycke, former mouthpiece for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is leaving his high-powered role at the Sun news organization — replaced by another familiar Conservative name, onetime Brian Mulroney spokesperson Luc Lavoie.

In a surprise move, Teneycke delivered a terse statement on Parliament Hill this morning announcing he is leaving his jobs as the Sun Media’s political news boss in Ottawa and vice-president of development at Quebecor.

I guess having the ear of the P.M. was more of a detriment to the Fox News North crew than an asset? I haven’t been following this news closely, for two reasons: 1) People complaining about Fox News North seem to forget that we already have the (C)onservative TV. Stevie’s propaganda arm is already well stocked with flying monkeys, as the Puffster and Pamela Wallin can attest. One more channel short on facts and high on vitriol would not change the ravaged landscape that is Canadian Television Media that much. Also: 2) I don’t subscribe to cable, so Fox News North wouldn’t actually be getting any money from me.

On that note, I recommend the rest of you quit cable, too. I’m not going back until the cable companies come up with a more compelling business model than “pay for all this shit you don’t want so you can watch the one or two shows out that are actually worth some attention”. No thanks. I can stream the exceedingly rare good stuff from their host sites, and I don’t have to pay for 22 hours of useless, vapid reality TV and well-coiffed E-news. Been there, not doing that again.

But I digress.

I wonder what the real reason is for Kory quitting? I guarantee that “I’m bringing our new nascent channel all sorts of attention and press” isn’t the real reason. Oh poor Fox News North! Getting all sorts of free publicity and exposure to potential advertisers before they even exist! I imagine that 99% of existing channels would kill to have a Kory Teneycke gathering “bad” attention for them. In that business, there’s no bad press, only exposure, coverage, and attention. Three things FNN wants! No, I’m not buying that excuse, sell me another.

I suspect the reason, is this.

According to the release that just hit my inbox, Avaaz has “formally requested that the Ottawa Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police begin a criminal investigation to determine the identity of the individual responsible for adding fraudulent signatures from an Ottawa IP address to the organization’s “Stop ‘Fox News North'” petition.”

Indeed, Kory. Perception is reality.

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Michael Ignatieff tips his hand…

As much as I disprove of Jack Layton’s decision to sit on his hands during the promised vote on the long gun registry, for Michael Ignatieff to declare that the NDP have to “step up or they have no darn principles” is childish and counter-productive – particularly coming from the leader of the party that has fallen over itself to keep the Conservative minority from calling an election.  Anyone have a count on how many times the Liberals have floated a Conservative vote since Paul Martin thundered the party into the tarmac in 2005? I don’t play cards, but even with my lack of poker skills I know someone whose holding shit when I see it.

Harper must giggle every time he sees Iggy open his mouth.