I propose a snark picnic!

What is a snark picnic, you ask? It is an event where we pack a lunch and take the tour boat out to McNab’s Island. For those who haven’t been, McNab’s is a large island in Halifax Harbour that hosts an old fort and a few old houses. There are also swaths of land where nature is reclaiming what Hurricane Juan knocked over (which I haven’t seen but would like to wander through). It makes for an interesting day trip. Why would I call a trip there a snark picnic, then? Because I really want to go there to verify this:

Canada’s loneliest Economic Action Plan sign.



2 thoughts on “I propose a snark picnic!

  1. I’ve hiked all over McNab’s Island and I didn’t think that there was even a trail there. You don’t suppose they’re appearing spontaneously now, do you?
    Maybe I can get the Harpenfuhrer to build me a new cabin if I promise to put up one of those signs too. I’ll apply and list it as a secret F-35 control center. Stevey gets a fighter jet reference and a Hooray for Conservatives sign. I get a new cabin. It’s a win-win.


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