On distributed denial of service attacks:

Dear Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, et al,

Cyber attack forces Wikileaks to change web address

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has been forced to change its web address after the company providing its domain name cut off service.

EveryDNS.net said it had terminated services because Wikileaks.org had come under massive cyber attacks.

This sort of foolishness, on top of death threats and other seriously illegal crap, does nothing to protect nor repair your credibility. It only makes us spectators wonder what has yet to be revealed in future leaks. Your childish hacking pranks only serve to prove who wears the black hats and who wears the white hats in this little story.

Besides which, don’t you think Wikileaks has prepared for the nuclear option, should you actually succeed in killing all of their servers?



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