Tom ‘Fatwa’ Flanagan

Some people disagree with Wikileak’s decision to release all of those fun, gossipy, and occasionally damning embassy memos.

Some other people, such as Tom ‘fatwa’ Flanagan, believe that Julian Assange should be extra-judiciously murdered for his prominent role with Wikileaks. Or ‘disappeared’, Tom ‘fatwa’ Flanagan clarified, as if conjuring images of Pinochet’s murderous regime (which I assume Tom ‘fatwa’ Flanagan is a fan of) would be a good thing.

Tom ‘fatwa’ Flanagan:

Well, I think Assange should be assassinated actually (laughs) I think Obama should put out a contract and maybe use a drone, or something.

eh I’m feeling very manly today, ah, but ah, the revelations about the Arab Diplomats asking the United States to bomb, to bomb Iran, ah, that is extremely interesting, these guys have to live next to Iran, now the Iranians know exactly what the King of Saudi Arabia is supposedly saying, you know this is, this is really stuff that should not be out, even if, in the vast sum of pages most of it is probably harmless, but there are things in there that really could complicate international relations and even conceivably lead to war so I wouldn’t feel happy if Assange, unhappy if Assage disappeared.

I personally wonder why so many high-level people connected with all sorts of governments are afraid of honesty and disclosure. Also, I want the word “fatwa” to appear in google’s auto-complete feature whenever Tom ‘fatwa’ Flanagan’s name is typed. These sorts of thoughtless presumptions by the powerful need to be punished, if only through the power of embarrassment.

Tom Flanagan fatwa. Tom fatwa Flanagan. fatwa Tom Flanagan.

You are now free to resume your surfing day. Thank you for contributing to the Tom Flanagan fatwa counter.

(h/t to Dammit Janet!)


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