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A truly North American solution

In an effort to, I dunno, I think make Canadians appear less sedentary, the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology recommends that the Public Health Agency of Canada lower the recommended level of physical activity for Canadians. Epic logic, truly, which will in a year or two be followed up surely with rulings on the value of getting up to turn the channel vs. remote control usage as a means of aerobic exercise.

Yes, some exercise is better than none, but surely the answer is not lowering health standards so people don’t feel too badly to try. For crying out loud, if your life is truly too busy to get an hour of light exertion a day, then you have messed up priorities. Skip a few bus-stops, walk to the grocery store or coffee shop, whatever. It doesn’t take much.

And this is coming from an employed father of two young kids who manages to get out to run four or five times a week, so I know something about scheduling issues.



2 thoughts on “A truly North American solution

  1. Actually, from looking at the article, Canada is just bringing the guidelines in line with recommendations from the World Health Organization – besides, I fail to see anywhere in the article where it says that they’re making this a *maximum* amount – or anywhere that says they’re planning to drop it to ‘getting off the couch’ – using hyperbole doesn’t really make a very persuasive argument…


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