Halifax, long-track skating oval

And now, the inevitable reaction

In an effort to demonstrate how Halifax is determined to dead-end itself at every turn, the petition to tear down the long-track skating oval is up. No, I won’t point to it, because I’m sick and bloody tired of the regressive anti-development fringe in this city that won’t allow for progress on any front.

The turd in the oval punchbowl, Katie Campbell, reveals here that she is basically against people having fun, arguing that it’s not really free skating because the city has to pay for it (well, duh!), and that it should be moved off of the Commons. Her motives are revealed when you consider that moving it off to a non-central location would cost money, which evidently she’s against, while getting used less by the public. I think the latter is her real goal.

I just wonder how much *she* actually uses the Commons, anyway? Since it has essentially become a recreational area for local residents, why not open the space up for those who don’t play softball? This is an opportunity to extend the use of the existing facilities. Did she protest when the skate park went up? When the children’s playground was put in place? When the tennis courts or basketball courts were built? These are all paid for by the city, after all, it must have busted her gut to see all that “waste”.

Her petition is evidently getting a “hostile response” which she finds “upsetting”. When she googles her own name, and you just know she does, she might just stop by this joint and find a similar frosty response.



One thought on “And now, the inevitable reaction

  1. I’ve come around, BTW. The oval is unique and cool, and I want it to stay, rather than be distributed. I also fear that trying to build smaller rinks in various other locations would be a non-starter for this council, and in pushing that option we would lose all outdoor skating venues (aside from the lakes) forever.

    That said, I still want a rink in the Grand Parade! I would like to have my cake and eat it, please.

    Public service announcement time: the lakes still aren’t safe for skating. It’s the friggin’ middle of January, and we still don’t have 15 cm of ice out there. Craziness.


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