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An Internet Explorer Tip

For all the people out there using Internet Explorer, here’s a tip on how to block specific websites that could harm your computer, or, in this case, hurt your brain with sheer illogic and spite:

Step 1, open up the Tools menu and click on Internet Options.

Step 2, Click on the Security tab and choose the Restricted sites option, as shown in this screengrab:












Step 3, Click on the Sites button above. Put the following text into the dialog box that opens up.

Never accidentally read the National Post again!












This will save you from ever accidentally reading Blatchford’s trolling columns again, and will prevent your computer from accidentally providing advertising revenue to Canada’s seminal worthless rag.


Goodbye, Jack

Sad news today. Jack Layton has lost his battle with cancer. Rest in peace, Jack.

Toronto Star article


Wherein the Globe and Mail yearns for the days of yore, when workers were serfs

My eyes popped out a bit when I read this article:

The prime minister’s facing pressure to improve monitoring on the treatment of workers owned by Canadian investors there.

Owned by Canadian investors there. Owned.

I don’t know how to break it to the writers and editors at the Globe, but investors don’t own workers. Lords and barons don’t have villeins working their fields anymore, and don’t collect inheritence taxes from peasant children when their parents die (look it up). Workers should be free to choose between employers, and to refuse such things as needlessly dangerous work without fear of being killed. Workers should be allowed to organize, if they want, to bargain for better compensation and conditions, without fear of being killed. We don’t fucking own workers anymore.