On shared-use paths

I love them, for the most part.  They are much safer for cyclists.  However, the city of Halifax Regional Municimouthful does not do them properly.  Shared-use paths have people going many different speeds on many different modes of transport (walkers, runners, rollerbladers, cyclists).  Because of the different speeds, people need a visual cue that keeps them on one side of the path or the other.  Every other city I’ve been to where I’ve cycled, run, or bladed (just Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec City, and Toronto, to be fair) have painted either a yellow or a blue line down the middle of their paths.  This usually prevents people from walking/ running/ cycling four abreast.  It always prevents them from walking straight down the middle of the path, which I find to be the most dangerous situation when I’m on a bike (Often someone walking down the middle won’t know which way to shift when a cyclist approaches.  The line down the middle reminds them to shift to their right, but also usually prevents the problem in the first place).   Halifax’s paths need these lines as surely as cyclists using the paths need bells.


2 thoughts on “On shared-use paths

  1. I agree with you 100%. In Edmonton, we have many multi-use paths and they have painted centre lines which almost everyone respects. Often when I walk along them, I hear a bell ring from an approaching cyclist and we both know which driection we will veer to. I would be curious to know how much cost there is to painting a line down all of these paths. I would suspect it is not overly expensive.


    1. I probably should send a letter to the traffic authority to find out why they don’t do what every other city I’ve seen does. Considering the cost of laying down the asphalt in the first place, I can’t imagine it’s a cost issue. I’ll send a quick e-mail off to the Nova Scotia Road Builders Association tonight to see if they can give me approximate relative costs.

      BTW, the paths in Edmonton are my favourite, although getting in to the river valley is a bit dicey on rollerblades. 😮


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