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I heard a rumour

A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend told me that the entire Federal Conservative caucus was going to step down before the next election in order to sail the good ship Ragnarok into the face of the Rapture. If this actually happens, it will trigger a number of byelections. If these byelections are triggered, who do you plan to vote for?

a) NDP
b) Liberal
c) Bloc
d) Green
e) Ragnarok
f) Other

(In case you think I’m crazy, which is possible, I am mocking this bit of douchebaggery: Conservative douchebaggery)


Jackboots in Toronto

From the civil suit Jason Wall filed against Toronto Police Services Huffington Post link:

The final final report said that an unnamed officer with the Toronto Police Service wrote: “…we were given specific direction in regards to people that were wearing banners [sic], gasmask, goggles and that they were going to be arrestable or that they were to be arrested for Disguise with Intent, which is a Criminal Code Offense and as well anyone with a backpack was to be searched and if they refused to be search [sic] then they would be arrestable for obstruct police which is a Criminal Offence and as well as people, weapons including bottles and canisters of liquid were to be investigated and arrested for Possession of Weapons.”

Arrested for refusing to be searched while walking down the street? Arrested for wearing bandanas? People were also arrested for wearing black t-shirts. And it was all ordered from the top. How does Bill Blair still have a job after so blatantly ordering his officers to break the law? How do police who followed these illegal orders sleep at night? I hope that there are some police out there who regret following these orders. They can’t all be bad apples, can they?