Deconstructing dog-whistles feeding off Attawatapiskat


A great deconstruction of the racist shit spewing all over the blogosphere and the House of Commons regarding Attawatapiskat. With numbers!

For a link to Attawatapiskat’s budget, go here (pdf).


2 thoughts on “Deconstructing dog-whistles feeding off Attawatapiskat

  1. Thank you for the link. As a reserve and band member in a different province, I could tell right away that the numbers what the government and its attack dogs in the National Post were using to discredit the chief and council were fudged.
    What the government and National Post have done here is one of the slimiest and and rotton things has ever been done to any First Nations community.


  2. Troy: That bunch has always enjoyed a good game of “blame the victim”. You’d think people would learn to treat their claims with skepticism, especially when they attack a less fortunate group.

    Tom Flanagan actually wrote an instruction manual for keeping First Nations people in perpetual poverty (First Nations? Second Thoughts). These people are disgusting.


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