HRM Transit Strike Coming?

The thought of a transit strike in even a mild winter will raise the hackles of those of us who regularly use the service, whether the bus or ferries. I hope that with the vote union’s vote being so overwhelming (98.4%) that this is merely the opening response to a productive negotiation with the City, but may well be pie-in-the-sky thinking. The fact that the City wants to open up their options to contracting out more labour elevates this fight from the typical dollars and cents into a realm of principle that might well wind up with a strike or lockout, depending on who wants to be the bad guy.


Not a fan of strikes, but I am a fan of unions, so peace Brothers and Sisters!


Also not a big fan of a 6 km walk/run to work in the morning, but if that’s where it goes, that’s where it goes.


5 thoughts on “HRM Transit Strike Coming?

  1. Looks like I’m really going to have to winterize my bike! There’s no way I’m commuting downtown in my car if this actually happens. Scary.


  2. And Bri, indeed, a sucky commute for anyone heading downtown. I’m lucky that I’m a bit closer to work and will integrate my commute into regular running. (But every day? Phew!)


  3. Day 8: Brought to you by Legs Of Steel! Thanks to all the good drivers out there for cancelling out the antics of the horrible, horrible drivers.


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