One step forward…

Metro Transit is cutting evening ferry service. The last boat leaving Halifax in the evenings will now depart at 10:30 p.m. instead of 11:45 p.m.

This is insane. Dartmouthians who want to go out for an evening in downtown Halifax (for instance to Neptune, to a comedy club, to any bar not named Celtic Corner) and Haligonians who want an evening in downtown Dartmouth (to visit the famous KevvyD, for a concert/show at Alderney Landing, or to go to a bar named Celtic Corner) are shit out of luck. Or will need to designate a driver and waste a bunch of gas.

The Sunday ferry service will also start later in the morning. I guess downtown Dartmouth is getting a bit too vibrant? People moving to condos there is a problem, so council wants to discourage that? I’m baffled by this short-sighted decision.


Paving the path on Barrington! Yay city!

My morning commute (cycling) takes me along a gravel path that runs parallel to Barrington Street, starting at the MacDonald Bridge and ending at the end of the navy dockyard. I talked to a friendly contractor working on what I thought was a simple grading and extension project, and it turns out that they are paving that path. Yay!

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The end of one career and the start of the next…

“The second point is that all monies have been recovered. The taxpayers are not on the hook for a single dime. That is exactly how our government should act in the circumstances.”

The article linked to this quote is about a Conservative staffer to minister Christian Paradis by the name of Richard Walker. The quick story – said staffer goes on a bit of a vacation in Las Vegas using his government credit card and doesn’t pay the bill for five months. He gets caught, makes a payment and then moves on to his new position of  ‘disgraced former staffer’.

Now go back and re-read the last sentance in the quote above:

That is exactly how our government should act in such circumstances.

Yes, our government should hide criminal activity, protect its staffers until they are caught, and then quietly hope this all goes away before the electorate connects this to our new and improved definition of “accountability”.

Any money on Dick Walker (I’m so childish) re-appearing as someone’s campaign director in a year or so?