Dear Pamela

Ms Wallin (and messers Duffy and Brazeau):

The plum you received from Stephen Harper turned out to be laced with poison.  That is a small shame.  I have some advice for you, if you are willing to take it:

Release your expenses, as a timeline.  Also release your calendars since being appointed to the great trough that is the Upper Chamber.  Point out precisely the expenses that you incurred (and claimed) from the Senatorial budget for purely partisan Conservative events.  Every time you had the taxpayers of Canada pay for your appearance at a Conservative rally; to boost the fortunes of a Conservative candidate; to extol the virtues of our current Glorious Leader at a stump speech; to be present at a Conservative fundraiser.  List every time you incurred an expense that should have been paid by the Conservative Party of Canada, but was instead billed to the good people of Canada.  Harper is not going to throw you a last minute lifeline.  You’ve seen how he vilifies former close associates who are no longer politically expedient to keep around.  That is now you.  Get in front of this.  Show us how it worked, so we can change it for the better.

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