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“Toxic to my heart”

Is it just me, or does it look like Mike Duffy is enjoying himself?

Not willing to easily give up his free ride on the taxpayer dollar, Mike Duffy is playing these Senate hearings up as much as possible with allegations that the CONservative Party paid his legal expenses in order to hide his little expenditure problem under a bushel basket.

I’m willing to bet that Darth Harper is looking back longingly at the days he cursed the Senate for the anti-democratic waste it is before he started jamming his chummy little party money-makers in it.

Duffy will go before this is done, but he will make a considerable splash as he does so, and Harper is going to find out that sometimes even retired hack meat puppets bite back.

4 thoughts on ““Toxic to my heart”

  1. A Duffy friend I know says the guy has been looking and apparently feeling much better since he’s been able to fire back. Having to remain mute can be extremely stressful,particularly if you happen to be a walking coronary like Duffy. I expect he’ll just keep racheting up the pressure on SHPM and his Senate and PMO henchmen with further document dumps.


  2. What’s with the “at least two cheques” bit? Are there three? Is Duffy just pulling this stuff out of his ass and he hasn’t decided how many cheques there are yet?


  3. I’m going to suggest there are more than two. Duffy doesn’t strike me as the type to be imprecise on that sort of matter.

    Imprecise on his residency status, on the status of his cottage, and on precisely what travel was senate related (vs Con fundraising-related), yes. But not so much on money being ‘repayed’ to him via the Con coffers.


  4. I think that Duffy has crossed over from taking the others down with him to just wanting to watch the world burn. Harper has turned on Nigel Wright now and I’m predicting that once this whole sorry event wraps up that he’ll resign to avoid being there for the next election, which could well be another Mulroney/Campbell fiasco.


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