It has begun…

I wish I believed in God so that when I say “Dear God” it carried some kind of punch. That aside:

Dear God, it has begun.

CBC has started it’s interminable coverage leading up to the Winter Olympics. I’m a sports fan, a big one, and when I watch TV it’s generally to watch a game of some kind, but the Olympics make me sick. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing events that normally don’t get any coverage, but the soapy, inspirational stories that fill the time before and during the Games and the constant appeals to national pride utterly destroy it for me.

Make it go away, please.

4 thoughts on “It has begun…

  1. In Russia, Olympic records break you.

    (sadly, that’s the best I could come up with)

    We need a pool! How many events will Vladimir Putin personally win gold in?


  2. I’m even more disgusted at the reaction (or lack thereof) to the anti-gay laws instituted in Russia.

    I know, I know, too much money involved to allow actual social justice to be a factor (I’m a realist as well as an idealist), but let’s face it – this is a repeat of Berlin 1936. People’s lives are at stake just because of who they love. The symbolic value of some kind of statement that this is wrong could be immense, but it won’t happen. I usually ignore the Olympics for the most part without considering it too much, but this time the whole spectacle just makes me sad.


  3. Flash, you should check out Germany’s team uniforms for the Russian Olympics. They’re very colourful. All the colours of the rainbow, you could say. Sure, they’re saying that there’s no hidden protest to them but I think that the point has already been made to the Russians, even if it’s only an assumed one. It certainly makes things more amusing.
    As far as the flag waving that goes on, I, also, could do with a lot less of that. It has no effect on my life if Canada doesn’t have the best biathletes or snowball rollers or whatever the hell it is the hand wringers say is a disgrace that our athletes didn’t win this time. I also don’t care that our national snowball team had to get up really early to train and scrape for cash. I spent my adult life in the armed forces. Long days and training in all weathers with minimal financial support are no stranger to me. If the network figures that it has enough air time going spare to stir my patriotism with the life story and trials of a ski jumper then they have enough air time to show another event. There. I’m done ranting now.


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