It’s getting dark out there

Fellow cyclists of the world, I implore you to start putting lights on your bikes.  Around these parts, the sun doesn’t rise until about 7:30 or so at this time of year.  Expect that depressing darkness to continue until March.  If you are biking on the road prior to this time (like me), you are practically invisible unless you have lights on your bike (like me).  Especially if you are also wearing all black, like the fellow I barely spotted cycling ahead of me this morning.  Car drivers typically are already surprised by our presence on the road; they certainly can’t be expected to spot invisible cyclists when they barely register the presence of visible cyclists in daylight.

Lights are available from various retailers for as low as $5.00.  You’ll need two of them, of course (one front and one back), which will set you back $10.00.  That’s a pretty small price to pay to not become a road stain and a statistic, in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “It’s getting dark out there

  1. Exactly. (although my first bike purchase as an adult was a $10 special from a bike auction. I did put lights on that rusty beast, though)


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