The Door’s Over There. It’s The One Under The Green Bus

If Mike Duffy can hang on for a little over one more year he’ll qualify for a senate pension. He may well have to resign before he’s charged with fraud but if he times it right a monthly cheque from the government will be secure and he can reacquaint himself with that place he’s supposed to be a senator from. If he and the Conservative party had been a little more stringent in their views on expense accounts then that pesky legal issue  wouldn’t have been a problem and his reward for being a CPC shill would have been a pension that, while it may not keep all the wolves from the door, will at least thin out the pack a bit.  Of course, as a Senator’s time in office grows so does his pension. Eventually that wolf pack will go find someone else to trouble.

Now, lets compare that to how the government treats the members of it’s armed forces. It’s a reasonable pension, if they let you stick around to get it. Which they are apparently not all that willing to do if they can help it, according to the Globe and Mail. And it’s not just the two guys in the Globe’s article. Stories of DND and Veteran’s affairs screwing over it’s wounded and injured members are available by the job lot. The telling bit is the quote from Mike Blais near the end of the story. He puts the blame for pushing out mentally or physically damaged servicemen on National Defence Headquarters and their drive to make the party in power happy with how much money they can save, and he’s right. The Generals that run the show have always had an unseemly anxiousness to be patted on the head by the PM for saving a few dollars. So it comes as no surprise to me that they if they see a chance to save a few bucks on the pension plan they’ll take it.  And I’m a former serviceman myself. I believe that you should be able to do what is frequently a very physically demanding job and if you can’t, it’s time to find something else to do.  Now that I’ve said all that, I also believe that if the job that the government tells you that you have to be willing to die to have breaks you, at any point in your service, then they owe you a lot more than a serviceman’s lapel pin and writing  you off as a bad investment.

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