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The Ford Follies

As most people in the free world are by now aware, the Mayor of our beloved T’ranna, Rob (Are You Gonna Finish That?) Ford has been bullying his way through scandal after potential scandal on pure bluster and the careful construction of a facade of fiscal responsibility. While I will admit he has had some positive financial effect on the expenditures of the city, a few – shall we say, cracks – have now begun showing in his facade.

In fact, police are now in possession of a video which purports to show the Pilsbury Dough Mayor smoking crack – a video that was the subject of a crackstarter Kickstarter campaign to raise money to purchase said video from certain unscrupulous types. Which, it must be said, seem to be Mayor Ford’s preferred choice of constituents.

This promises to be the most horrible Halloween the Ford family has ever seen. Seriously, there’s being a bit shady, then there is participating in criminal activity and associating with known criminals, as the evidence purports to show. Mayor Ford is an oaf and a bully and is poised to make Toronto even more of a laughingstock than it already is to the rest of the country.

He needs to resign immediately, but he won’t unless he is forced, because he is determined to retain power in his sweaty, pudgy hands by any means necessary. Soon, he’ll come out swinging, because despite his repeated “No comment” in the past few days, he doesn’t have the intelligence or sophistication to rein himself in for long. Soon the attacks will begin and the implications of a conspiracy against him will be made (The Toronto Star made me do it!); what will not happen is his taking responsibility for anything that has or will happen. Like any common thug, he will resort to bluster to obscure the truth.

Despite his limited but significant successes as Mayor, he deserves none of the support he currently enjoys. For such a big man, he’s an awfully small man – too small to be Mayor of Canada’s biggest city.


As your Mayor, I feel strongly that… Wait, is that crack? 

Addendum: Oh boy, the fun has already started! 


3 thoughts on “The Ford Follies

  1. Kudos to the Toronto Police Department for not taking the opportunity to make an extra couple hundred thousand when the opportunity presented itself. Ford’s not going to leave office easy though. If anything he’ll be doubling down on obstinacy and denial, in hopes that this will all just go away. Actually, I suspect,now that I consider it, that it’ll be Doug Ford that does that. Rob Ford isn’t likely to come out of seclusion for some time.


  2. I’ll add on more comment, more of a question, really, before I call it a night. In the face of proof that he lied to his constituents and consorted with criminals Ford is refusing to resign as mayor. The rest of Canada and most of Toronto knows him as a buffoon and the Clown Prince of the city and frankly, I’m pretty sure that the only way that he can get reelected is to be filmed saving kittens from rape by Nazis. I have to ask, in view of all the grief that his behaviour while in office is causing him, why the hell would he want to keep the job? He doesn’t need the money and the police aren’t charging him with anything (yet) so why not walk away, to run the family business and smoke crack at his leisure? Because from where I’m sitting,the relentless scrutiny he’s in for can’t be worth the ego boost that being Mayor of Toronto would give him.


  3. Sadly, until charged and convicted of an actual crime, he can’t be removed from office – and he’s not going to release his grip. It’s just how he rolls. Pun only partially intended.


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